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ville matrimoni guidonia

villa guidonia

location matrimonio roma

Near Grand Hotel Duca d’Este there are two beautiful location to set photoshoots.
Tivoli is, in fact, famous thank to Terme di Roma, but also to marvellous villas as Villa d’Este, 10 km far from the hotel, and Villa Adriana, 5 km far from the hotel.

Villa Adriana was built when emperor Adriano wanted a monumental home decorated with art inspired by the beauties seen during his travels around the world.
It is a majestic dwelling made with marble and precious objects. It was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999.

Villa d’Este, instead, was built during the Renaissance and features rooms rich in works of art from the most important artists of Roman Mannerism.
It is also surrounded by a great example of “Italian gardens”, embellished with fountains, water games, grottoes and hydraulic music.